SOLD at Two Plates Full, Scottsdale, AZ

Dottie is an avid supporter of the Humane Society. You see, Dottie was once an abused and abandoned pup, found wandering the streets of Phoenix … tag less, tired, dirty, and severely underweight, with a limp and one swollen eye.

Rescued by Animal Planet Heroes: Phoenix (the Arizona Humane Society's team of emergency animal medical technicians), Dottie was taken to the shelter where she received emergency medical care for her physical injuries, was fed, washed and given love and affection to ease her emotional pain. Shortly thereafter, a family from Scottsdale came to the shelter, fell in love with Dottie (must have been her big brown eyes) and took her home. Dottie's life was changed forever.

For the first time in her life, Dottie knew the meaning of true love. She received hugs and kisses, went for walks with family members, ate wonderful food, played in the dog park, and got to sleep in her own bed (never outside in the heat like before). It was heaven!

Dottie heard about fundraiser for the Humane Society through a family friend, then begged and begged and begged her adoptive family to let her do something to help.

Before sending her off to the gala, her family decided Dottie needed to show up in the style such a magnificent dog deserved, so they called upon Rose (The Dollie MaMa) to give Dottie the star treatment.

To insure Dottie would be the Pup of the Party, Rose created a designer original cocktail dress, hand knitted scarf, custom bag, bejeweled choker, a wild new hairdo and special make-up befitting Dottie's spirit.